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American Woods

American Wood Styles

American Cherry

American Cherry is a beautiful and durable flooring choice. This luxurious wood actually darkens with age and fits virtually any décor. Its colors range from gorgeous light red tones, with subtle graining, to a richer red that deepens with the years. It gives any home unrivaled elegance and grace.

Black Walnut

Black Walnut is one of the most prized of all North American woods and is renowned for its durability. It’s one of the most durable domestic species available. Its stunning chocolate browns and striking wavy grain fill any home with rich color and character.

End Grain

End Grain flooring tiles are a very unique form of flooring that has been used throughout Europe and later in American history for one particular goal: durability. They absorb energy, noise and the angle of cut allows for the growth rings to resist scraping and general wear much more effectively than traditionally flat sawn or even quarter sawn boards.


Hickory is distinguished by its amazing color variation, superb graining and outstanding durability. Being the hardest of all North American woods, it is perfect for those who want beauty and durability in high-traffic areas. Its colors run the gamut, from light tans to deep browns with reddish tones interlaced. And its stunning knarled grain is just as appropriate in a city loft as a country cabin.


Locust wood is extremely hard, resistant to rot, and very long lasting. The wood also undergoes minimal shrinkage, and if properly dried has excellent dimensional stability. Black Locust is not a new fad, but a species with a long history of real world projects that prove its durability.


Maple is an exceptionally beautiful and strong wood. It is ideally suited for dining rooms, kids’ rooms and other areas where fine living and everyday life meet. Its colors range from creamy white to a light reddish brown and it can often be found in dance studios and basketball courts. That certainly says a lot for durability.


Oak is characterized by its gorgeous light brown coloring, with slight pink and gray tints cast across some boards. Its open grain is absolutely captivating, with long rays and the occasional swirl and burl. The unmistakable beauty of oak quietly demands attention in a home.


Pine is distinguished by its beautiful character and natural knots.As a flooring option with great natural character, Pine’s rustic knot patterns and goldish-amber tones will make a country-style home stand out as well as perfectly adapting to a traditional home décor.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood flooring is lumber that is recycled, sourced from long-standing idle factories & buildings, refinished for building and design purposes. Many American buildings that are slated for demolition offer a great opportunity to reclaim some of the most beautiful and strong wood, sometimes over 300 years old, while also taking part in the movement towards more sustainability. You cannot find this type of wood in today’s newly sawn lumber.


Sycamore is a creamy white wood with a fiddleback or lace-like figure when quartered. It is often used as veneer in furniture. The sapwood of sycamore ranges from white to light yellow to reddish-brown or flesh-colored, while the heartwood ranges more towards light to dark brown in color. The species has an interlocked and irregular grain, and is fine and even in texture.