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In 2003, I went to visit family and explore my roots in Colombia. It was the experience of a lifetime. 

I lived all over the country and experienced the diverse culture of the native people. The beauty and truly unique quality of their handmade work was unlike anything I had known... it was the artisans and their craft that inspired me to embark on the path to Restoration Oak. 


I was able to develop relationships with highly talented artisans and was amazed at the passion displayed by these humble people, who in many ways inspired me to follow my passion, do what I love and not be afraid to take risks.

I realized that inside each of us exists a unique and authentic “seed”, that when nourished gives us a sense of purpose and ignites the human spirit within. A person we never knew existed! On my return to the U.S., my entreprenurial and creative spirit led to the creation of Samix Restoration & Design, Inc., a company specializing in design and contracting.

Everything I learned from these artisans has been applied to my contracting business. I also work with many talented designers and craftsman whose work can be seen in the fine homes along Long Island’s Gold Coast. My sensitivity toward protecting the environment has also inspired me to create many pieces, which you will see made of repurposed wood and leather as well products in our design center focused eco-friendly products for your home.

My dream of bringing together creative design concepts for living and beautiful and unique hand crafted pieces of furniture and décor has now materialized in, Restoration Oak, Inc. a unique shopping and design experience that can only be found in Sea Cliff at Restoration Oak!

Thank you to all my family and friends who believed in my vision and to all the artisans who follow their passion and allow nature to be the true artisan!

Omar Rivera
Founder, Restoration Oak